Duplicate Cases (Email to Case)

Detect and eliminate duplicate cases created by Email to Case


This conversation is designed to eliminate duplicate cases created in Salesforce Service Cloud as a result of the Email to Case feature. Having multiple cases inside your customer support database negatively impacts the individual productivity of each agent and increases the cost of the division’s performance. This conversation results in increased value for Service Cloud teams by saving significant time and cost related to duplicate cases.

Why do I need this conversation?

Duplicate cases are very costly and can negatively impact the customer experience. Here are some relevant statistics to capture the severity of the problem:
  • 5-10% of cases are duplicates.
  • The cost per agent for one case can range from $5-40.
  • 97% of all IT departments say duplicates exist in their system.

How does it work?

When activated, this feature can automatically merge duplicate cases that have been assessed as having a similarity probability higher than 99%. Otherwise this conversation will notify agents who have been assigned a case that may already exist and being managed. The agent will be provided all the relevant information that our Delpha AI determined as similar for the agent to make the decision whether or not the case should be merged with its duplicate or needs to remain separate. Sometimes the reason the duplicate was created may need to be treated as individual cases and sometimes the reason is just to provide additional information to a different case ticket, so our conversation gives users the insights to make this decision before wasting their time.


The key purpose of this conversation is to make customer success teams more productive and deliver better customer experiences:
  • Improve productivity of call center
  • Process tickets faster
  • Save time - up to 90-100% managing duplicates
  • Improve customer service with better experiences
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