Duplicate Contacts

Detect and manage Duplicate Contacts more accurately and intelligently


Eliminate duplicate contacts as you are working on key accounts or contacts. This conversation will highlight when duplicate contacts have been detected throughout the database and displays the important data you need to make an easy decision such as confidence scores, similar or missing data, contact profile pages, etc. You can easily manage all duplicate contacts associated with the key contacts that you are managing or working with on a daily basis.

Why do I need this conversation?

The problem of duplicate contacts is common because they are easily created from importing or merging data, filling out multiple form entries, manual editing or creating, and reflecting contacts with multiple professions. That last part is very important because there are times when we want to preserve duplicates and current large-batch processing tools fail to incorporate that important contextual information. 

Delpha can analyze the data in any custom field using fuzzy logic or inclusion. This approach allows us to more accurately detect duplicates such as in the following scenarios:
  • Changed positions: When John Smith (at ACME) now works at Delpha but hasn’t been updated
  • Full name disparities: John Martin Smith (at ACME) vs John Smith (at ACME)
  • Not exact matches: Jonathan Smith (at ACME) vs John Smith (at ACME)
  • Same name, different people: Delpha can learn when two employees with the same name are separate contacts, ex. John Smith (ACME) and John Smith (ACME)

This Delpha conversation gives users the ability to decline duplicates to which Delpha learns from this feedback and won’t notify the user again (unless enough circumstances have changed again to flag the duplicate again). 

We want to eliminate duplicates because of the costs generated by duplicate data which include:
  • Revenue loss
  • Wasted resources
  • Stalled productivity
  • Missed opportunities
  • Damaged brand reputation

How is this conversation better than other deduplication tools?

  • AI for faster and more accurate detection of duplicates
  • Full visibility of similar or differing data between two contacts
  • Easy management to merge contacts or reject duplicate suggestion
  • Feedback loop allows for smarter and more personalized recommendations to the user
  • No need to leave your current position to manage the duplicate contact


Besides peace of mind for all your teams who struggle at determining which contact record is the most up-to-date when duplicates exist, the benefits of eliminating duplicates span across the entire business:
  • Obtaining a single source of truth for the 360-degree view of the customer
  • Marketers can target new prospects and leads with the right message at the right time
  • Sales can increase their prospecting efficiency
  • Customer success can provide better and more personalized customer experiences
  • Improve adoption and usage of database with better, trusted data

How does it work?

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