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Generate new Leads in Salesforce with LinkedIn


Building the top of the funnel for our pipelines relies both on inbound and outbound strategies. When we limit our focus to outbound, the challenge is to figure out where to source accurate information and get that data into your outreach operations as efficiently as possible. With Delpha, you now have access to getting new leads inside Salesforce with one simple click.

Why do I need this conversation?

Prospecting and preparing new lead lists can quickly become a tedious or expensive task for SalesOps and SDR teams. Either you’re paying for very expensive data, which may not be accurate, or your colleagues are spending too much time copying & pasting information into the CRM or outreach tool then having to research for basic contact information (email addresses, account names, titles, job histories, etc.) Lead generation problems today:
  • Data can be expensive
  • Ambiguity over the validity and accuracy of data
  • Wasted time manually prospecting and building lists


  • LinkedIn is the best database for B2B data
  • Delpha’s LinkedIn connector makes lead generation simple and easy
  • One-click inside Salesforce and new lead lists can be automatically generated (based on search criteria or lead list filters in LinkedIn)
  • Get timely notifications of new lead generation in Salesforce
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