LinkedIn Account Enrichment

Add more insights into your Salesforce Account records


Delpha can help enrich your Salesforce Accounts with LinkedIn data. Once Delpha has matched an Account to its corresponding LinkedIn profile, Delpha can enrich the Account’s details with information from its LinkedIn profile based on your member access level. With just one click, you can have LinkedIn information populated inside your Salesforce records saving you the time and effort from copying and pasting this info for all your Accounts.

Why do I need this conversation?

This conversation equips your users focused on Growth, especially marketing and sales, with more information regarding their Accounts. Having this information conveniently populated inside Salesforce saves time for sales and marketing who are prospecting, forecasting and conducting data research.

With more information, your teams can segment and personalize more effectively. Adding LinkedIn data into Salesforce also allows your teams to analyze it in reports and build process automations using it.


Key advantages of enriching data from LinkedIn :
  • The data we can find is based on your user’s access in LinkedIn
  • Delpha automatically adds the LinkedIn information into Salesforce, no need to copy & paste data
  • Save time on account research
  • Improve segmentation and personalization
  • Data is relevant, as Linkedin is one of the world’s largest social media network, and most keep their profiles updated

How does it work?

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