Gmail to Salesforce Connector

Integrate your Gmail account for automatic data sync


We’ve built a Gmail to Salesforce integration connector that allows you and your team to sync data and extract data from your email content automatically. When connected, Salesforce can collect important Contact data automatically such as email statuses and contact info (signatures tend to contain important contact details). This connector prevents your team members from wasting time to copy and paste info into Salesforce. Getting real time insights from your email communications can help monitor email statuses and leaves and out of the office time periods which can help flag data quality issues.

Why do I need this conversation?

As email tends to be our main communication platform with clients and prospects, there is a lot of data that occurs in the exchanges and this data needs to be inside Salesforce to have an accurate Customer 360. You can spend copious amounts of time updating Salesforce manually, or use the Gmail Connector by Delpha to automate it.


  • Track email status (generated, tested, validate, bounced)
  • Automatically update email status in Salesforce when changed
  • Extract insights from email content
  • Enrich contact data
  • Enable custom processing via SOQL / Reports
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