Data Quality Assessment

Assess and monitor contact Data Quality using out-of-the-box dashboards & reports


High data quality is essential for a 360o view of your customers and to make efficient decisions across all Salesforce clouds. This template evaluates your contact data quality based on 6 key fields across the six dimensions using simple rules and ML algorithms. The template allows you to visualize data quality on intuitive dashboards, which helps admins identify critical issues and often-overlooked ones. You can then mitigate bad data by installing Delpha’s pre-built conversations or creating custom versions.

Why do I need this conversation?

The data quality assessment is vital to identify poor data, measure the impact on existing business processes and pipelines, and take suitable measures to improve data quality. Poor contact data can result in missed critical opportunities, brand damage, loss of revenue and undermine confidence of decision makers.

Data quality can be interpreted and defined differently based on your data management framework. However, Delpha focuses on six measurable dimensions–completeness, validity, accuracy, consistency, uniqueness, and timeliness–as these provide a comprehensive framework to address all of the bad data in your CRM and the insights needed to make practical improvements.

Regardless of the error’s source or cause, Delpha can accurately detect bad data and analyze the data in standard fields using multiple rules and ML algorithms to detect critical problems.

This conversation allows you to understand where your CRM’s data quality is today and can be tied to future KPI’s associated with data quality improvement projects or new business successes.


The benefits of eliminating bad data span across the entire business:
  • Eliminate compounding effect (loss of revenue, low productivity etc) due to bad data
  • Streamline business process, eliminate redundant and duplicate data.
  • Informed decision-making with good data.
  • Better targeting of the audience with effective content and campaigns.
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