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Websites are like photos, they can tell a story worth 1,000 words. Having visibility on the current status of your Account websites can provide Sales & Marketing with a lot of useful information to conduct better account management.

First they serve as a correct identifier of your account, but can also inform us when companies go bankrupt, get acquired or change domains for other reasons. For this reason, it’s very important to have the correct website in your Salesforce and that’s the purpose of this conversation.

Delpha can detect when there is an error with your website and provide you with the correct one.

Why do I need this conversation?

Besides the obvious reason for correctly identifying your accounts and providing convenient access to the right information about your leads and contacts, correct websites can be used to check against bad emails, inform you of new significant events (ie acquisition, bankruptcy) and assist in properly matching your parent-child account relationships.

Problems of incorrect websites:
  • Poor account management
  • Contribute to bad data quality when left undetected
  • Problematic for email generation
  • Wasted time on potentially nonexistent accounts


This conversation protects the credibility of your account websites. Data is in a constant state of decay due to changes that occur in the business world on a daily basis. Take the following statistic for example.

Every hour (for US businesses):
  • 1,504 URLs will be created or changed
  • 158 companies will change the corporate structure

Delpha can assist you to detect when these changes affect your account websites and ensure you have the correct ones in real time.

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