Misspelled Names

Analyze name correctness and fix misspelled names


Names can be misspelled in our database from a variety of events including incorrectly filled out forms, inaccurate scraped or enriched data, or manual errors. This conversation assesses the correctness of the name inputs in both the first and last name fields. Delpha discovers which contacts have misspelled names and offers the correct spelling. Delpha also checks on LinkedIn and presents this information to the end user to have multiple data points to make their decision.

Why do I need this conversation?

Cleaning data such as fixing misspelled names either requires a lot of tedious time to update or, if used as is, negatively impacts your brand image, personalization efforts and revenue. When 50% of businesses (64% for B2B) are using email automation, the correctness of the data in your Contact records directly impacts the success of those emails as personalization tokens just pull the input as stored in the database without checking the correctness of the data.


Eliminating bad data in your contact records will enable you to provide better personalization, improve outreach success, and improve productivity of your database users.
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