Identify Missing SIC Codes

Identify Accounts with missing SIC codes and get the right one instantly


Standard Identification Classification (SIC) codes are numerical codes that are used to categorize businesses based on their industry and activity. SIC codes are important for Sales and Marketing to be able to prospect and segment with more precision and personalization. They can be used to identify current accounts for a specific industry or find new clients in similar industries.


When accounts are missing SIC codes, your sales and marketing efforts could be missing out on potential opportunities. Having the right SIC code will help you perform the following activities better:
  • Classify companies
  • Identify industries
  • Target and segment
  • Identify competitors

The SIC code discovery is also an example of how Delpha can apply any type of classification system to your fields. For example, maybe you recommend certain products to customers based on a defined classification system (ex. Loyalty program suggestions), Delpha could adopt this framework and notify your end users like success reps to improve their productivity and enhance the customer experience.

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