Identify Missing Email Addresses

Detect Contacts with missing email addresses


In our digital era, emails are a must-have to conduct outreach and to help identify unique individuals. It’s common that our database can be populated with Leads and Contacts who are missing emails or contain bad emails (invalid or inaccurate). Delpha can detect the records that are missing emails or have an error with the email and Identify Missing Email Addresses.

Why do I need this conversation?

Digital marketers and modern-day sales need an email to be effective in their outreach strategies. Marketing will need it to nurture leads, generate demand and communicate effectively with both clients and prospects. Phone numbers used to be the first step for sales prospecting, but cold emailing is becoming more popular and effective. When our employees can’t find emails (valid, accurate and up-to-date ones!) productivity suffers as unnecessary time will be wasted conducting research and validation.

Problems of missing emails:
  • Decreased pipeline efficiency
  • Loss in Sales and Marketing productivity
  • Wasted resources on data research and validation


Delpha not only helps all Salesforce users get notified when working on contacts with missing or erroneous emails, but also is able to generate and recommend new emails that can be automatically updated inside the Contact’s details saving them significant time. How useful are Leads or Contacts in your database when you lack one of the most important means of communicating with them?
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